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Our personnel are specifically trained to serve your company’s needs quickly while maintaining high-quality transactions. Whatever you need, you can count on us to fulfill your order, no matter the size. With our 54-acre lot, we can fit any amount of pipes you need and for as long as you need. Additionally, we employ strict operating procedures to maximize environment safety, personnel safety, and safe transport of your pipes.

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We currently have

60 acres available for pipe storage

located at 7633 Miller Road #2 Houston, Texas 77049

Our pipe yard services include:

Our pipe yard services include:

 Short-Term & Long-Term Storage

 Bundling & Rebundling



 Speciality Threading available upon request


Our rail spur address information is as follows:

UP Zone 26 Track 760, 762 BNSF Zone 26 Track 761  Houston, TX 77049

Service to:

 United States



Our Rail Logistics services include:

Railcar Loading & Unloading includes


Door to Door Services


We can serve your local Houston, Texas and surrounding area destinations as well as destinations throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Our fleet of trucks are ready to serve you and get your product delivered on time and in excellent condition. We are fully insured and our drivers are TWIC approved

We currently have:

84 trucks

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Call T.C. Renfrow Companies, LLC. at  (281) 806-5730

      7633 Miller Road #2 Houston, Texas 77049

Short-Term & Long-Term Storage

Bundling & Rebundling




Speciality Threading available upon request